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Contingency vs. Fee-Based Cases

An attorney will evaluate your case and determine whether he believes there is a high enough probability of recovery for him to take on the case on a contingency basis. If he does take on the case on a contingency arrangement, you will not be responsible for attorney fees, but the lawyer will ask for a percentage of your recovery.

Some cases cannot, by law, be taken on a contingency basis: DUI and Criminal Defense are examples of these types of cases.

Contingency Cases

• Medical Malpractice Attorneys
• Workers’ Compensation
• Social Security Disability
• Labor and Employment Lawyers
• Severe Injury and Death Claim

Fee Based Cases- Attorneys who charge a fee for their services

• Bankruptcy, Debt Relief, Foreclosure
• Family Law Attorneys
• Labor and Employment Lawyers
• Immigration Law Attorneys
• Criminal Defense Attorneys
• Wills, Estate Planning and Probate
• DUI Defense and Traffic Attorneys
• Real Estate Attorneys
• Divorce and Family Law Attorneys
• Corporate and Business Attorneys

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